Marmite and Vegemite toasts

Vegemite is the cream obtained from the brewer's yeast
Two different packs of Vegemite produced in Australia, the second course of our list, for once, referring to a commercial product, that is patented and sold by a corporation, in this case the Kraft. Typically we shy away from foods like that, especially when we are talking about traditional food, but in this case you have to make an exception. Vegemite is a fact so popular cream in Australia to be considered a national and cultural icon food.

To better understand what it is, it serves a premise that leads us in the UK. Between the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, in fact, some German and British scientists realized that yeast extract obtained in the brewing process was possible to obtain a spreadable cream and edible.


The product was patented under the name of Marmite, the French word but pronounce the British in their own way, that is, / mɑrmaɪt /. Briefly quickly spread throughout the colonies and the countries of the Commonwealth, including in particular South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

In the '20s, however, an Australian entrepreneur decided to create a variant. He took the young chemist Cyril P. Callister to find a new formula useful to dispose of residues of yeast that returned from breweries. Thus was born the Vegemite, a cream from dark color, it tastes salty, a little 'bitter and less sweet and flavored of the British or New Zealand Marmite.

The spreads mainly on toast or otherwise of bread, like our Nutella or jam at breakfast. However, a product so widespread in Australia as ignored in the rest of the world. Just think that every year there are twenty-two million jars products, 98% of which is destined for the domestic market.

The widespread use of Kraft cream is also due to the fact that during the Second World War the association of Australian doctors exalts the nutritional quality and this was included in the rations of the soldiers, becoming a food usual in the youngsters' diets.

5 Sep 2016