Fast food & Burgers

In this article, I suggest you back into my road trip in Australia to see what you can eat on the road in the land of kangaroos. You know, road trip, it was not so much food budget. So when we tired of eating beans and canned pasta, we offer a treat: you go to fast food. It's like getting a good restaurant in France: the great game of the week. The backpakers it is similar, except that we are poor. So go to a fast food is a bit Grail.

Must be said that as a foreigner, eating in Australia can be expensive. So what is this top 10? I spent 6 months traveling the East Coast in van, as you say that I am very very (yes I know) very often eaten in fast food. Why ? First because it is cool when it is often very hot outside; so when we do not find shade with a great view (it's still not at all uncommon in Australia), it shows up in fast food. Then Australia is the giant food court around, so we quickly tried. And here are my top fast food best of perso where I visited Australia.

Note: This is obviously my personal best, take into account that Australia is the size of Europe and I have in any case seen and test everything.

1. Macca's

Surprised to see McDonald's first? No not really. But Macca's is the name Australians give McDonald's restaurants. Yes I know, it's not very original to begin with the number 1 chain in the world. Yet McDonalds are really top in Australia, already for the super low price and also because there are lots of choices and big burgers.

Macca is the name given by the original Anglo-Saxon name beginning with the Mac or Mc hence the Macca's. I loved Mcdonald in Australia for its box. A box is actually a giant happy meal for 2 or 4 people. We were both traveling in the van and box were more economical for us, while having a very hearty meal - but very filling. Basically, take your usual order, order in yet. All right, you have an Australian box.

Philosophy: Eat plenty cheap. And it works !!!


2. Hungry Jack's

Hungry Jack's Australia is simply Burger King. Indeed, when Burger King wanted to set up in Australia, the brand was already filed. The brand has been renowned Hungry Jack's Jack Cowin by its owner. Only the name changes since the Whooper is present. However, I much prefer the Burger King that I have seen in the US or France. Hungry Jack's is good but very fat.

Philosophy: a good old Whooper at Burger King.


3. Red Rooster

Red Rooster is in the top 3 of the main chains of fast food in Australia with Macca's and KFC. I was a bit surprised to find myself in this fast food. Here it is mainly chicken but a bistro, the kind Flunch but snacking. I ate half a chicken served with peas.

Philosophy: Eat fresh and healthy products rapidemment.


4. Burger Edge Myer Centre

I think this is enough when it comes to Fast Food chains, right?! So here comes one of my absolute favorite burger restaurant in Brisbane, the Burger Edge Myer Centre. There, you will be able to enjoy truly homemade and fresh burgers, very tasty and made with local and fresh ingredients. The atmosphere of that little place is very nice as well, it's a great option if you want to meet with friends or bring your family for a cozy dinner! Another option is delivery, since you can get these directly home, if you want, here

Don't miss out of this burger joint! And well, try some of the fast foods as well, it is way cheaper for sure. Don't abuse of these tho ;)

28 Oct 2016