Fast food & Burgers

28 Oct 2016

In this article, I suggest you back into my road trip in Australia to see what you can eat on the road in the land of kangaroos. You know, road trip, it was not so much food budget. So when we tired of eating beans and canned pasta, we offer a treat: you go to [...]

Marmite and Vegemite toasts

5 Sep 2016

Vegemite is the cream obtained from the brewer's yeastTwo different packs of Vegemite produced in Australia, the second course of our list, for once, referring to a commercial product, that is patented and sold by a corporation, in this case the Kraft. Typically we shy away from foods like that, especially when we are talking [...]

Damper: traditional food of Brisbane

5 Sep 2016

The food of the herdsmen and aboriginesThe damper cooked in cenereIl more traditional and historical food of our quintet, after this combination of products created in the '900, is the damper. And once again it is a completely unknown product outside Australia and New Zealand. It is, basically, a bread made with yeast, but not [...]

Supermarket chains in Brisbane, Australia

5 Sep 2016

As soon as you arrive in Australia, you land in any city, you can just do a little walking tour to any neighborhood or maybe a ride in the car a bit 'wider, to realize that there are two supermarket chains that excel on all: Woolworths and Coles. Woolworths is what the green sign Coles [...]