About Brisbane

If one thinks of the millions of Australian cities, Shoot immediately notice the vibrant Sydney or Melbourne in the head. At Brisbane is first because not thought, although the sunny metropolis has blossomed on the eponymous river in recent years become a very popular and important city. The capital of Queensland is now grown into a modern business hub, attracts millions of tourists from around the world and is characterized by its beautiful holiday spots and the carefree lifestyle. Due to the very convenient location, Brisbane is also known as the "gateway to Queensland". There are numerous prestigious schools and universities, but also entertainment and fun is the year written about very large. Whether in city center or on the offshore islands- Brisbane is worth seeing and worth a visit.

What is in Brisbane to see?

Everyone who comes to Brisbane and want to get a first good impression of the city, which should enjoy a comfortable ride on the famous Wheel of Brisbane is essential. This Ferris wheel is about 60 meters high and provides you with stunning views over Brisbane. Huge residential complexes, the long sandy beaches and the clear blue water, the view is outstanding. A trip on the City Cat Ferry, a cute ferry, will enable you to take Brisbane something more closely. Passing sights, historical buildings and large shopping malls - might you make this trip across the river, the decision about the next destination a little easier.
A particularly popular destination, especially for families and nature lovers, is the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, a huge nature reserve, by one can experience rare animals up close. A picnic amidst bouncing kangaroos where koalas like once mitnaschen- a visit to this park is a very amusing experience and should definitely be on the agenda.
Who does not know him, the famous Australian Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, who gave us with his funny way of dealing with wild animals much joy? The Australia Zoo, where he worked during his lifetime, is located here in Brisbane and has become a main attraction of Australia. In the large wildlife park not only children have great fun, but also adults come fully on their costs. Only a few kilometers away you have even the opportunity to attend an adventurous underwater tour or watch the giants of the sea at close quarters when whale watching. Who is pure in nature, which is in good hands in Brisbane, because there are many campsites and special tours for nature lovers.
For people who are on thrills, Story Bridge, Brisbane is a real highlight. With headphones equipped, on you get interesting information, you can climb and enjoy the city again from the top for a few hours to the famous bridge. The breathtaking views over Moreton Bay is worth this exciting tour all.
The "Australian Hollywood," said the man from Brisbane designate their Movieworld, located a few kilometers from the city center and is very popular with young people. Much like the American Universal Studios can you see here, even slipping into the role of your favorite heroes and friends have fun in the adjacent amusement various film sets. In Brisbane there are many more theme parks and for every taste is there certainly something.
Of course you can make things a little easier and simply enjoy the fresh air while walking on the Brisbane River in the city also. Here you will find many sports and nature lovers who like to sit in one of the many bars and cafés and enjoy the great panorama. Even shopping fans will not miss out in Brisbane. The Queens Street with over 500 shops you should definitely include in your plans.

Popular areas in and around Brisbane

In the capital Queensland there are a lot of young active people who like to travel and enjoy life. This is not least because in Brisbane many elite universities and boarding schools are. Especially during the holidays is in vacation paradises Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast always something going on and drag an incredible number of young people from all over the country. Endless sandy beaches, rare species, a lively party life and many Events- Fun is very important here great. The Surfers Paradise is a popular destination of backpackers, because here there are cheap accommodations, numerous restaurants and like-minded people from different nations. Although the name of the place actually suggests there is not here a lot of surfers who throw themselves into the raging waves. Surfers Paradise is still a paradise with international flair and a lively nightlife.
Also Fraser Island, the largest sand island in the world, appears repeatedly in the holiday plans of many tourists. If you're lucky crosses here a dingo your way or you meet a kangaroo. The animal-rich island belongs for several years as a UNESCO natural heritage and is very popular with campers and nature lovers.
When one thinks of Brisbane, then we think of Moreton Bay, the huge bay with many small idyllic islands. There is hardly a better place for water sports and diving tours.
Although the great beaches of the barrier islands are especially popular, of course, the city center of Brisbane has to be mentioned. People make here like the night away, meet in one of the numerous cafes scene, Doing sports together in the huge park right on the water and look at the international events that take place here often. The mix of city and nature make Brisbane a real experience.


It does not always Sydney or Melbourne to be. The lesser known cities like Brisbane just have an awful lot to offer and are becoming increasingly popular among young and old. Whether nature outings, a visit to the large theme park, a holiday at the endless sandy beach or simply a fascinating tour through the Millionenmetropole- Brisbane is exciting and the friendly people here welcome guests from around the world with open arms and enormous vitality.